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Data and Analytics

Team and Organisational Climate Surveys

We create and implement tailored climate and engagement surveys and can help you in:

  • Shaping organisational strategies, planning for change, managing successful change, enabling innovation and creativity.

  • Facilitating re-engineering and business process improvement initiatives. Creating team purpose, identity and values. 

  • Building teamwork capabilities. 

  • Enabling better collboration and cross team collaboration. 

  • Building high trust teams.

  • Facilitating intensive feedback sessions with teams. 

  • Measuring team performance, developing team engagement and measuring employee engagement. 

  • Implementing employee engagement building initiatives.

360 Degree Feedback

Tailored 360 solutions for your leadership, team and employee development programs can help determine training needs, focus your investments on the most critical skills and assess development of skills measuring both pre and post interventions.

360 degree feedback

A well structured 360 aligned with your critical business drivers can also be used to measure success and the ROI of your learning and development, coaching, and organisational and team development interventions.

Learning Evaluations

Success Measurement

With the interactive nature of the learning programs we deploy for you, we can also help you implement a full four level Kirkpatrick evaluation approach and will work with you to define suitable metrics and data gathering approaches as part of program development.

We recommend including the pre and post program 360 feedback for each individual participant to help drive targeted participation in the whole initiative and to measure actual behavioral changes. 

The development of program specific 360 feedback can be implemented on a cost effective basis using a participant driven iOS and Android platform applications.

Learning evaluation and ROI Kirkpatrick level 4

Proven Results from Team Effectiveness and Organisational Climate Surveys

Team Climate Surveys, Organizational and Engagement Surveys, Employee Pulse and Engagement Metrics

Begin your teams journey to outstanding high performance with the data you need from a NoLimits Team and Organisation Climate Survey and powerful open, honest and direct feedback processes to build respect, trust and constructive confrontation.

"If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up where you are heading"


  • Aligns all team members to work towards the same goals and helps build on each other's strengths, increasing collaboration and team performance.

  • Eliminates communication barriers and confrontation issues that exist in organisations, departments and functions. 

  • Increases awareness of others' values resulting in more commitment and engagement within your organisation.

  • Builds a vision and a more impactful, consistent leadership team with clearer direction.

  • Develops a process of fact based information with clear indicators of individual and team growth, improving on key development areas.

  • Improves your working environment by understanding the current climate of your organisation and what areas to action for improvement. 

  • Gives your employees direct feedback on what they need to be responsible for, resulting in increased self-leadership.

  • Increases retention rates, as employees know what direction they need to take and have a clearer direction of what is expected of them.

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