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The case for coaching is compelling. Great leaders improve business performance. 

Hewitt Associates "Top Companies for Leaders" study found that in the use of executive coaching around half of the top 20 highest performing companies regularly assign coaches to high performing executives.


Just 10% of the other 300 lower performing companies make the same claim. 

Coaching is a powerful tool to accelerate the performance of successful executives and their companies.

Coaching and Mentoring

The business case for coaching is even more compelling when we help your leaders become coaches and mentors and you build a coaching culture and a true learning organisation.


In many instances we will help you explore how to coach your leaders to be coaches in preference to a traditional coaching intervention, or help you design and implement in-house mentoring and coaching programs.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion on the best approach for your organistion.

+65 6232 2466

Leadership and Executive Coaching

For high performers in the organisation who need to focus on specific aspects of their personal development to continue their career trajectory, to continue to deliver enhanced results and/ or develop and enhance specific leadership competencies. Our one to one executive coaching helps you to become a better leader, to achieve superior results and to increase your potential. 


The coaching can include specific tools to help you focus on leadership capabilities, personal brand and image, networking and accelerated career development. We also incorporate 360 degree feedback and established personality profiling tools to help you increase self awareness and clarify the behaviors that help and hinder your leadership. We will question and challenge you, help you with your thinking and decision making process. We will help you commit to your new actions and deliver on even better results.

Strategic Coaching

With these interventions we work with your leadership teams to facilitate and coach innovation sessions developing the organisations strategic options. Understanding that innovation is 90% execution and 10% ideas, these coaching sessions are focused on building consensus and alignment and driving towards commitment to action and achievable outcomes. 

Sessions are tailored to your individual and corporate requirements and can build sustainable action and change using powerful tools such Scenario Planning to lead uncertainty, The Logical Levels Organisational Vision, which establishes shared values, identity, purpose and meaning for your leaders and organisation and the Disney Strategic Planning Process, which models successful creative strategies to define your vision and develop action plans to implement your strategies.

Action Learning, Peer Coaching & Mentoring Programs

​Group to many, or group to one, peer based coaching and mentoring are unique models where teams learn to coach each other and this helps your teams model the skills and behaviors of your own top performing employees.


These facilitated sessions are highly effective with a group or team that share common goals, activities and responsibilities. The format and structure of these coaching sessions is developed to meet your specific needs and environment and can be used to drive the deployment of new skills and higher performance behaviors for the whole team.

We can also design and implement best practice mentoring programs in your organization.

One to One Leadership Skills Coaching

Building on the coaching approach we offer one to one leadership training. These coaching and personal development packages focus on a specific leadership competency and are typically delivered in a modular approach. Many busy senior executives prefer this fast track to development and the process enables the leader to implement key skills in between sessions, reporting back on progress and real experience to fine tune the approach. Each agenda is specifically tailored to individual needs and can incorporate 360 degree feedback processes.


Priority areas are often about communication and presence and we can deliver high impact accelerated learning in core areas of mastering influence and presentation, relationship management and effective leadership.


Agendas are tailored over packages ranging from 5 - 30 hours and module sizes for each developmental session are typically between 2 to 5 hours or even whole days.

Shadow Coaching

Our shadow coach will be with you for an extended period, giving feedback at the end of key days about what you did. We identify how you behave in meetings, including analysis of body language, use of voice and language and the reactions of co-workers, customers and suppliers. We explore how you handle and prioritize time, schedules, paperwork, email, telephone calls, and breaks. You obtain direct, real time performance feedback. We draw out behaviors and habits, with a focus on the difference between stated objectives and actual behavior. You are free then to identify choices between what you want versus what you currently do.


This transformational experience establishes rapid and highly focused performance and behavioral change. For existing coaching clients, shadow coaching can also be used to develop additional powerful motivation factors and information about how to be even better.


The process can be used as 'in the moment' coaching and we can arrange for the coach to be 'on call' before, after, or during, priority meetings with senior leaders, mission critical stakeholders, co-workers, teams and customers, or on specific assignments or projects.

Team Coaching

Your team has a problem to solve, a plan to prepare, a product or service to develop and launch. All the best teams use a coach. Experience the effectiveness of structured facilitation, generating clear commitments to act and establishing common goals.


Engage your whole team in pulling together and achieving outstanding results. 

We will help your team identify what is most important and how to align actions with your organisational goals.

Coaching for Leaders

We provide coaching skills training and mentoring skills training for leaders and HR professionals.


This real skills transfer ensures that leaders know how to get the best performance out of their teams and the individuals that work for them. This can also build core organisational skills. Using our simplified corporate coaching model with essential skills practice; you can develop an enhanced range of abilities to coach for performance, drive projects and develop your employees.


This results in leaders and HR professionals become highly beneficial as in-house coaches and leads to improved performance, engagement, motivation and staff retention.

The NoLimits Coaching Approach

During our assignments we will work with you to help you discover what you want both personally and professionally. We will help you gain clarity on what is important to you, your values and strengths, which will enable you to make more meaningful choices and take consistent action.

 N  New. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What do you want to do that is new or different? What will be different by the end?

 O  Opportunities. What are the opportunities that are available? What are your resources? How can you make this possible?

  L  Learn. Discover more about yourself and the coaching process; discover your untapped capability, your strengths and your blind spots.

  I   Intent. What do you intend to do? How do you intend to commit?

 M  Motivate. Understand the difference between being interested and really wanting to do something with passion to achieve change.

 I   Initiate. Start making clear decisions and taking action; focus on the value of the change and its sustainability rather than on the change itself.

 T  Time-frame. Set timings and deadlines that are realistic and achievable.

 S  Stretch. Let your NoLimits coach stretch you to go that extra mile. Achieve more by giving yourself that stretch. 

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